The purpose of the Willow Connection is to provide women with the opportunity to share their strengths, concerns and ideas as well as challenge, mentor, support and encourage each other to be the best they can be, personally and professionally.

Just as a willow tree stands for strength and flexibility, it also possesses the ability to regenerate itself when almost completely destroyed. As women, we are often challenged to redefine, renew and regenerate ourselves throughout our lives.

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Because the Willow Connection will be offering so many seminars, events and possibilities, we are also offering a special opportunity to save money with the Willow Leaves of Gold Program, which will be of benefit to those who choose to actively participate and take advantage of the Willow Connection’s many offerings.

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From the beginning of time, women have felt the need to put on their Super Hero Capes...or maybe I should say Super SHEro Capes....and save the world.

Here's to the Ladies Who Laugh! features humorous take on the phases of a woman's life. It's an opportunity to lighten up, put your feet up and raise your glass to the Ladies Who Laugh!


"I've always found the best way to get through the tough times in life is to utilize ones sense of humor, and Linda Henley-Smith agrees! I loved the book and her keen sense of humor. Please count me in "Here's To The Ladies Who Laugh" next jolly good time, there's nothing like it". --Ann Jillian.

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"WOW!  Talk about feeling special!  I laughed, I played, I ate, I talked, I had one heck of a time!  Thank you, Linda!"

--Dr. Carrole A. Wolin, President, National Institute for Leadership Development



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